Startups in NAMAN

Building a successful business requires more than just capital – a motivated team, a business edge, mentoring, technological support and networks NAMAN nurtures the idea of start-ups, helps them grow with proper mentoring and provides varied investment opportunities for the investors. NAMAN ensures that quality startups are given the support they need in the form of capital, tech support and mentoring. NAMAN carefully curate startups and hand-hold them through the entire process of angel investing. The startups choose by NAMAN and they have an overall access to all amenities of our incubation center, networks and technology support.

Investors in NAMAN

As Seed Investment continues to grow, Naman Angels India Foundation will strive to bring investors a greater breadth of investment opportunities. Investors when onboard are provided with Investor Development Program (IDP) and opportunities to attend round table conferences with fellow investors. Once the agreement is signed the investor becomes a certified NAMAN investor with recognition across social media.

Mentors in NAMAN

NAMAN invites mentors and subject matter experts to be empanelled onto NAMAN Angels & NAMAN Angels Investors Academy [NAIA] now. The empanelment shall allow the mentors to get onto mentoring and coaching with startups and investors either on pro-bono or fees-per-hour basis. Once the agreement is signed the mentors becomes a certified NAMAN Mentors through mentor engagement program with recognition across social media.

Incubation Centers in NAMAN

NAMAN set up incubation centers at not only colleges, but also major players of big sectors like healthcare, fintech and real-tech to support emerging entrepreneurs with investment opportunities as well as expert guidance from domain geniuses. NAMAN also has its in-house incubation center at ZoomStart India that enables NAMAN to provide better amenities and support for the startups enlisted. The startups are given access and support through the entire process of investment and also post investment.